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5 Things to Do While Waiting for Eyelash Growth

So, you’ve done everything you can do to promote eyelash growth. You’re eating right, applying the best eyelash products you can find, and got yourself one of those new heated eyelash curlers. While waiting, you might want to pass the time by trying out these tips. Be an Illusionist When applying mascara, try two types …

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Getting the Look of Celebrity Lashes

  Celebs totally rock when it comes to trying dramatic looks, and with these looks come sexy lashes. If I had to name my top 10 celebrity lashes, I would say these ladies work the long lashes best:        J. Lo Madonna Catherine Zeta-Jones Kylie Minogue Christina Aguilera Beyonce Nicole Kidman Eva Longoria …

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Tips for Using Eyelash Adhesive & Glue

All right, so you want to give false lashes or eyelash extensions a try, but you’re a little scared about using eyelash adhesive and glue. I mean, you don’t want to end up like an episode of "I Love Lucy," gluing your eye to your hand, or gluing your eyes shut, right? Well, here’s the …

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Avoid These Common Chemicals to Condition Lashes

Guess what? Those products you use to condition your lashes can actually cause way more problems than they can solve. Trust me, before you head to the cosmetics counter at your mall or drugstore, or make a purchase from an online beauty supply shop, you should know that many of the products advertised to condition …

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Top 4 Natural Ways to Fortify Lashes

I’m a firm believer in natural beauty. I feel that women everywhere should feel empowered by their own natural beauty which is found within. So while eyelash conditioners are great for fortifying your lashes, there are additional all-natural steps you can take to make your lashes lovelier. All of these steps have the added benefit …

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What Causes Eyelash Deficiency? What You Need to Know

If you are suffering from eyelash deficiency, you might feel embarrassed by your lashes. Thick, long lashes are almost a beauty prerequisite in American culture; we’re bombarded with images of how women should look and if you don’t look that way, you are made to feel second best. Chin up, sweetie: first, you should never …

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