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Avoid These Common Chemicals to Condition Lashes

Guess what? Those products you use to condition your lashes can actually cause way more problems than they can solve. Trust me, before you head to the cosmetics counter at your mall or drugstore, or make a purchase from an online beauty supply shop, you should know that many of the products advertised to condition …

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Top 4 Natural Ways to Fortify Lashes

I’m a firm believer in natural beauty. I feel that women everywhere should feel empowered by their own natural beauty which is found within. So while eyelash conditioners are great for fortifying your lashes, there are additional all-natural steps you can take to make your lashes lovelier. All of these steps have the added benefit …

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Eyelash Extensions: A Stylish Solution for the Girl on the Go

  Have you lost some eyelashes thanks to health problems, hormonal changes, or crash dieting? If so, you may be wondering if there is any way to repair eyelash damage. Well, some women choose to fake it ‘til they make it; and they use eyelash extensions to give their eyes that beautiful frame that only …

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One More Reason Menopause Is a Drag

Check out any online forum devoted to discussing the symptoms of menopause, and I guarantee you will find several posts about eyelash loss. Want to know why? Well, the hormonal circus you undergo during menopause can actually cause eyelash loss! Your hormones get out of whack, you begin losing eyelashes–is there anything to love about …

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