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Tips for Using Eyelash Adhesive & Glue

All right, so you want to give false lashes or eyelash extensions a try, but you’re a little scared about using eyelash adhesive and glue. I mean, you don’t want to end up like an episode of "I Love Lucy," gluing your eye to your hand, or gluing your eyes shut, right? Well, here’s the …

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3 Things You Should Know about Eyelash Transplants

Are eyelash transplants the best choice for you? They might be, especially if you have suffered permanent damage or trauma to your lashes, or if you just want to fill in a sparse lash line. This is a high-tech procedure that involves using donor hair follicle–it’s extracted from your scalp or your leg and is …

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Considering Eyeliner Tattoo? 4 Tips for Doing It Right

Want really dramatic eyelash beauty? You can’t get much more dramatic than an eyeliner tattoo! It’s a kind of permanent makeup that has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. Originally popular with women in Asia and the Middle East, it is becoming more sought-after by American women, who love the look of eyeliner without having …

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Is an Eyelash Perm the Right Choice For You?

Are you sick and tired of using your eyelash curler every day? Need suggestions for obtaining a permanent curl? Well, an eyelash perm is the way to have lovely, curled lashes without the hassle. Eyelash perming was developed in the 1990s and has gained popularity and become more affordable since then. As with any beauty …

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Are Costume Lashes Make-Up No No’s?

Is a little bit too much ever…just too much? In other words, are costume lashes make up no no’s?  Well, it just depends on when and how you’re wearing them. If you are working the false lashes for a bit of outré glamour and eyelash enhancement fun, then by all means have at it, darling, …

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