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3 Things You Should Know about Eyelash Transplants

Are eyelash transplants the best choice for you? They might be, especially if you have suffered permanent damage or trauma to your lashes, or if you just want to fill in a sparse lash line. This is a high-tech procedure that involves using donor hair follicle–it’s extracted from your scalp or your leg and is grafted to your lash line one or two strands at a time.

The donor hair is usually selected from your scalp or upper leg because of its fine texture, which makes it a better match for your lashes. It will take 4-6 weeks before the graft begins to grow in its new place, but in time you will have thicker, longer eyelashes that are a natural match, to boot. Before beginning the transplant process, here are a few things I think you should know:

1.    The procedure has gotten more precise

When this procedure was first introduced, it garnered some criticism because the results were not very precise. However, over the past few years, micrografts (the use of one hair at a time) have allowed the surgeon to make very precise placement of the hairs along your lash line. This creates a more natural contour, enhancing natural eyelash beauty. If you don’t like the dramatic look of false lashes, the natural look of eyelash transplants can be very pleasing.

2.    The results are permanent

In addition to looking quite natural, eyelash grafts are permanent. In some cases, you might need a maintenance session after a few years. The transplanted hairs may continue to grow after being moved, so you might have to do a little trimming until they have trained to develop your own natural curves and contours. Once the transplants have taken root and start growing, you can treat them as you do your other lashes: eyelash curlers and mascara are perfectly safe for use!

3.    The procedure is minimally invasive

Though the term "grafting" sounds like a major operation, this eyelash treatment is a minimally invasive procedure–meaning day surgery. Usually, all the micrografts can be performed in one session, and you will be given a light sedative as well as a local anesthetic. Post-surgical side effects include minor itching, pain, and swelling, but those symptoms can be managed with over the counter medications.

The average cost for eyelash transplants in America is $3000 per lid. While this procedure does help thousands of women, it is not recommended for if you have autoimmune disorders, as your body may reject the transplants. It is also not recommended for women who suffer from trichotillomania, an obsessive-compulsive disorder that leads you to pull your eyelashes out.


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