Make it Dramatic!

Try Flirting with Lashes

People always use words like fluttering or batting when talking about flirting with lashes, but do we really do that? I know if I tried fluttering my eyelashes at my husband, he would think I had something stuck in my eye. That’s not to say that we don’t like flirting with lashes, because we definitely do. It’s just a bit more subtle.


Copy Cat
One of the best and easiest ways to flirt with your eyelashes is to copy your cat. I’m serious! Have you ever had a cat that slowly blinked at you? When a cat does that it means he loves and trusts you. If you do it back to your cat, he’ll be surprised that you can understand him, but after a while, he’ll know you love and trust him too.
This works for humans too. A slow blink while looking at someone draws attention to your eyes. It makes him look at you, the inner you, and not just how you fill out your jeans. The downward sweep of your long lashes, followed by a slow reveal of your knowing eyes is sexy but reserved.

Are You Shy or Are You Bold? It’s in the Eyes
Lowering your eyes and then looking up through your long eyelashes is another way to flirt. This is especially good if you’re shy because this will come natural. If you’re bolder than that, you can always give a well-timed wink. In my experience, winks are always perfect when doing things like showing off the pool playing skills he doesn’t realize you have.

And for the even more adventurous, try all of these techniques with captivating xtreme lashes – you know the extra long lashes or even the ones in brilliant colors. Either way, using your lashes and eyes to draw him in helps him focus on the real you–the confident and dramatic you.

Be Happy and Be You
However, before you can try flirting with lashes, you have to be happy with how your eyelashes look. In an ideal situation you wouldn’t even have to think about eyelash growth before turning on your steamy gaze. But if you are unhappy with your lashes, you won’t want to do anything that draws attention to them. Using eyelash enhancers add to your outer beauty so that you will have the confidence to portray your dramatic inner beauty.


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