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Tips for Using Eyelash Adhesive & Glue

All right, so you want to give false lashes or eyelash extensions a try, but you’re a little scared about using eyelash adhesive and glue. I mean, you don’t want to end up like an episode of "I Love Lucy," gluing your eye to your hand, or gluing your eyes shut, right? Well, here’s the deal: eyelash glue is perfectly safe for use as long as you use it properly. Just like with all eyelash products, you need to be careful because the skin around your eyes, and your eyes themselves, are so delicate. So just by using a little caution and common sense, you can have the eyelash beauty you want without any TV-sitcom moments!

Tips for Applying False Lashes

If you opt for applying false lashes at home, you have a choice between strip lashes or individual strands. To apply strip lashes, it’s best to place a drop of glue on the back of your hand, and then dip the end of a makeup brush in it. Lightly dab the glue along the strip of the lashes; then place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Lightly press the lash line to set, and gently drag it down just a fraction if it rests too high on your lid.

For individual lashes, it’s basically the same procedure. Once you’ve dipped the brush in glue, dab a tiny dot on the end of the fake lash and then place it within your lash line. Gently tug it into place and then set by pressing into the lash line.

To remove your falsies, simply dip a cotton swab in water and press it onto the lash glue; the water will dissolve the glue. Never just pull your falsies off–you’ll damage your beautiful natural lashes and irritate that delicate skin around your eyes!

Tips for Xtreme Lashes

If you’d rather have the whole salon experience, then xtreme lashes are for you. They last a lot longer than drugstore falsies and you get the benefit of an expert’s touch. Make sure you find a salon or spa in your area with trained aestheticians–don’t become a guinea pig for someone who’s inexperienced! Make sure the glue she uses doesn’t contain cyanoacrylate, which is actually Super Glue. Yep, it’s true–there’s a lot of buzz in the press about eyelash adhesive and glue imported from Asia containing plain old Super Glue. Yuck!

Your aesthetician will be applying your falsies directly onto your other lashes. The glue should never get into your eye or touch your skin. You’ll be able to enjoy your new dramatic lashes for 4-6 weeks before needing a retouch!


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