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This Just In: Longest Lash Record May Be Upset by Newcomer

So I was relaxing in my salon, talking with my stylist, Amber. She’s the one who always cuts my hair so it tapers just so on my neck. I hate it when my bob is cut so that I look like I have a football player’s neck. Amber gets it right every time. Amber is also, as far as I know, one of the few University of Texas fans scattered through North Carolina, and that’s my home team, so we love to gossip about UT. Today’s gossip? The longest lash record is now being held by my own beloved Bevo! (Not Bevo himself, but a student thereof.)

"Go on!" I said to Amber, who knows how much I love discussing long lashes.

"It’s true!" she said. She subscribes to the Daily Texan by email, and saw the article on May 5. "This biomedical engineering student is now a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records. He has one single eyelash that stretches out to 7 centimeters. Can you believe it?"

No, I cannot. So while I am waiting for my highlights to bake under the dryer, I whip out my iphone and look it up. Sure enough, there it is. "Zephyr Lutz-Carrillo…7 centimeters…will have to have the Guinness people and a notary present for the measuring of the lash." Mr. Lutz-Carrillo has only one lash this length, and it’s white, and it started growing on its own. He wears his glasses to protect it, until the Guinness people can measure it.

Wow, I thought. I put the iPhone away and began daydreaming under the dryer. Sometimes our bodies do crazy things. I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and I kept getting these things called skin tags. They completely grossed me out, but my doctor assured me they would go away after her birth, and they did.

In a funny way, it made me think of products like Dramatic Lash, which help you achieve the look of longer, thicker eyelashes. It’s an amazing product for when your body does crazy things. Take my friend Angela, who suffers from alopecia. She was so embarrassed when her lashes began falling out. "Do eyelashes grow back?" she asked me one day, tears running down her face. I recommended Dramatic Lash right away. It can help promote the look of long lush lashes without the harsh chemicals in other serums.

Now Angela has her lovely lashes, and I am sure Mr. Lutz-Carillo will have his longest eyelash record. My highlights were set, and it was time to get back to gossiping with Amber…


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