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Eyelash Extensions: A Stylish Solution for the Girl on the Go


Have you lost some eyelashes thanks to health problems, hormonal changes, or crash dieting? If so, you may be wondering if there is any way to repair eyelash damage. Well, some women choose to fake it ‘til they make it; and they use eyelash extensions to give their eyes that beautiful frame that only a thick fringe of lashes can provide. Why is eyelash enhancement so popular? There are three major reasons women are giving it a try:

1.    Ingredients found in eyelash conditioning treatments can be harmful

Many of the common ingredients found in eyelash growth products can be harmful to your health. A new product which is being touted as the next new thing in eyelash growth contains a host of harmful chemicals. It contains benzalkonium chloride, a highly corrosive substance that can damage the skin; sodium chloride, which can irritate the skin; and sodium hydroxide, which can cause burns to the skin and the eyes as well as pneumonitis.

Another popular eyelash treatment contains chlorophenesin, which can cause dermatitis and can depress the central nervous system; and phenoxyethanol, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea and can depress the central nervous system. Only one of the newest and most innovative eyelash conditioners is made without these harsh chemicals. This eyelash conditioning treatment actually works with your body to benefit your lovely natural lashes!

2.    Extensions are a semi-permanent way to get the look you want

One of the awesome benefits of lash extensions is the instant results you get, results that can last 6-8 weeks before you need a retouch. If you feel really embarrassed about your sparse lashes, the dramatic results you get after a 30 minute session can give you the confidence you need to face the world again.

For many women on the go, eyelash extensions provide the look they want–and the convenience they need since they can get it done during their lunch hour! Or you could combine the best of both worlds, and a natural product to help create the appearance of longer lashes, and as it sets to work (4-6 weeks) use extensions to create your favorite look right away!

3.    Extensions are becoming more affordable

Repairing eyelash damage is becoming more affordable. At first, eyelash extensions were only for celebrities and the super-rich, but over time the prices have become more modest. The average American gal can now afford the luxurious experience of spa treatments and eyelash extensions, and she is taking full advantage of both. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about your lashes with affordable and gentle options available almost anywhere you go!


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