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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about False Eyelash Removal

So it was 10:00 on a Sunday night, and I got a call from my BFF, who had xtreme lashes put in for a holiday weekend a few weeks ago. "Help!" she cried, before I could even finish saying hello, "These lashes aren’t coming off! How am I supposed to do false eyelash removal if the darn things won’t budge! I don’t want to rip out my natural lashes…help please!!!" Once I got her to calm down, I told her that just about any eyelash product can make us girls nervous-after all, we want the look of dramatic lashes but we’re always so afraid of damaging our own natural lashes. But guess what, no matter what you do, your own lashes will grow back! Want to know how I helped her out? Read on for the answer to every anxious question!

How can I remove them without damaging my natural lashes?

You need to remove the glue first, and simply pulling on the fake lash won’t cut it for this job. You should start with a cotton swab dipped in water–gently rub it over the glue and see if that will dissolve it. If not, try a tiny drop of olive oil and massage it onto your lashes. Wait a few minutes, and you should be able to peel your eyelash extension off without any trouble!

Will I damage my natural lashes permanently?

Worst case scenario: you might accidentally pluck out a few eyelashes as you remove that eyelash enhancer. But guess what? Just like any other hair, it will grow back. So don’t sweat it if you accidentally pull out a few hairs. On the other hand, don’t go crazy and yank out your falsies without trying to properly remove the glue first. If you pull all your lashes out with them, then you’ll just have to put your falsies right back on again!

How long does it take my natural lashes to grow out?

Your natural lashes grow back in three cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is your lashes’ babyhood–it’s a period of growth that lasts about 45 days. The catagen phase is when your eyelash grows more securely into the root and lasts 2-3 weeks. And the telogen phase is when your eyelash rests, and this is when your lash naturally falls out. It lasts about 100 days. So the entire cycle takes 10 -12 weeks. But the great news is–they will grow back eventually, even if you damage them with false lash removal!


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