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Considering Eyeliner Tattoo? 4 Tips for Doing It Right

Want really dramatic eyelash beauty? You can’t get much more dramatic than an eyeliner tattoo! It’s a kind of permanent makeup that has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. Originally popular with women in Asia and the Middle East, it is becoming more sought-after by American women, who love the look of eyeliner without having to apply it over and over again. Here are my favorite tips to follow if you are considering a tattoo:


1.    Know Before You Go

Ready for a tattoo? Read on for more info before proceeding. It may ease any anxiety you feel to know about the procedure itself. With an eyeliner tattoo, you are basically getting a tattoo along your lashes.  This eye liner replacement will never come off, even in the pool or after a really good workout. There are two types of eyeliner tattoo: hand-applied and machine-applied.

Machine applied tattoos are quicker and less expensive than hand-applied tattoos, averaging 45 minutes and $250 versus 90 minutes and $500. On the other hand, many ladies prefer the personalized touch a hand-applied tattoo can give. Your choice will depend upon how much you can spend and how long you can be in the chair for your tattoo.

2.    Talk to Your Aesthetician First

The range of eyeliner tattoos available are as varied as the ones you draw by hand every morning with eyeliner! You can choose a dramatic look with thick lines, or soft and muted lines that look almost faded. Your aesthetician can help you select an eyeliner look that will be flattering and provide eyelash enhancement for years to come. She can also answer any questions you may have about the procedure in advance–a win-win situation!

3.    Does It Hurt?

Well, if you have ever had a tattoo before, then you know it can be a painful process. Since the eyelid is a sensitive area, your aesthetician will numb your lids with topical analgesic before getting started. Even so, some women find the process uncomfortable. If you are worried about the level of pain associated with this procedure, consult with your aesthetician. She should be able to put your mind at ease.

4.    Make Up Your Mind!

Eyeliner tattoos are permanent makeup designed to enhance eye and eyelash beauty. So, be sure you want it before you have it done! Laser tattoo removal can be performed, but it costs a bundle and can hurt more than the original tat. Thousands of women have had this procedure done and are happy with the results, but many others have decided not to go through with it. So, just make sure it’s what you want and find a good tattoo artist, and then you can enjoy the dramatic results for years to come!


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