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Are Costume Lashes Make-Up No No’s?

Is a little bit too much ever…just too much? In other words, are costume lashes make up no no’s?  Well, it just depends on when and how you’re wearing them. If you are working the false lashes for a bit of outré glamour and eyelash enhancement fun, then by all means have at it, darling, but, like the name implies, these false eyelashes are definitely costume pieces and you should only wear them if you have the right attitude in the right social setting.

So, what’s the deal with fake lashes?

What we’re talking about are the false strip eyelashes. They’re decorated in a variety of ways; they can come in bright primary or metallic colors, or can be bedecked with crystals of all sorts. Feather lashes are also making a huge impact in the design world, but the sheer range of possibilities runs riot.

Fashion designers Viktor and Rolf teamed up with false eyelash expert Shu Uemura for their fall 2008 collection and created a set of paper clip eyelashes. Madonna, also a Shu Uemura fan, ordered a pair of mink and diamond costume lashes for her 2004 "Re-Invention" tour. Jennifer Lopez sported a pair of red fox fur costume lashes to the Oscars in 2001. This over-the-top eyelash beauty makes a definite fashion statement; wear them and you will definitely not fade into the background!

How do I wear them?

The first rule of applying costume lashes: don’t glue your lashes together! Be careful when handling that eyelash glue that sticks the strip of the lashes to your eyelid. Start by placing a drop of the adhesive on the back of your hand, and then dip the handle of a makeup brush, such as an eyeliner brush, in the glue. Swipe the glue along the edge of the eyelash strip.

Pick up the strip with tweezers and, starting from the outside corner of your eye, place them as close to your lash line as possible. Once they are in place, ever so gently tug them a bit deeper into the lash line. Finish by pinching your natural lashes together with the false lashes; apply eyeliner to disguise the strip. When the party’s over, remove the glue with just a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

When Should Costume Lashes Be Worn?

Costume lashes make a very definite, over-the-top statement. The only fashion no-no is to wear them if they make you feel uncomfortable. If strip lashes make you feel unnatural but you still want the look of thicker lashes, there is another option for you! If you want to boost your natural look, individual lashes can provide the eye-opening effect you want without seeming too exaggerated.


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