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5 Things to Do While Waiting for Eyelash Growth

So, you’ve done everything you can do to promote eyelash growth. You’re eating right, applying the best eyelash products you can find, and got yourself one of those new heated eyelash curlers. While waiting, you might want to pass the time by trying out these tips.

Be an Illusionist
When applying mascara, try two types of mascara. Use one color for the whole length of your lashes. Then coat the ends in a slightly darker shade to create an optical illusion of longer lashes.

Be Gentle
Between makeup, crying at chick flicks, and allergy season we are hard on our eyes. First, try not to rub your eyes. By avoiding rubbing your eyes, you can help prevent your eyelashes falling out. Rubbing your eyes also encourages the spread of germs.

Second, use a gentle eye makeup remover, especially if you are wearing waterproof mascara. You can also use eye makeup remover to gently remove false lashes.

Invest in Some New Brushes
I think makeup brushes are one of the most neglected things in our arsenal. But they are tools and the foundation of any makeup routine.

To get your eye shadow to add to the illusion of thicker eyelashes, you need at least two brushes – an angled brush for eye shadow and a straight stiff brush for eyeliner. If you already have a set of brushes you love, make sure you research the best way to clean them.

Turn Up the Heat
Now that you’re armed with the proper tools in the fight for eyelash beauty, it’s time to discover your smoky eye.  Smoky eyes don’t have to always be inspired by Kim Kardashian.  Just think of smoky as another way to say blended. By using more subtle colors, you can wear this style during the day.

If you can find it, cake mascara is an excellent eyelash enhancer and complement to smoky eyes. Applied with a brush (instead of the normal bristly wand), cake mascara gives you more control in layering and color to help create the appearance of longer lashes.

Learn How to Apply False Eyelashes
If eyelash beauty is an art form, the technique of applying false eyelashes is a science. Look for internet videos on beauty techniques.  There are a lot of videos, so don’t get overwhelmed. Instead pick and choose ideas that complement your style.


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