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3 Ways Not to Attempt Fake Eyelash Removal

Guess what? Pulling at your eyelash extension will not make it come off. Or it might, and it might bring your real lash along with it. So how should you attempt fake lash removal? Well, let me tell you about a night I spent with my two best girlfriends a few weeks ago. Among my friends, I am known as the lash expert, and I convinced all of them to try the new xtreme lashes–costume lashes–for fun before we went out to see the new Sex and the City movie. Well, it was a fun evening but my friend Kara hated the lashes and wanted to take them off before she even got out the door.

"Ugh! Just get them off me!" she kept whining, and tried just yanking at them to no avail. So let’s call that the #1 way not to try lash removal.

"Help me out!" she cried, and I told her she needed to chill out. Then she insisted that there must be an eyelash product out there that would immediately dissolve the glue we used. "No special product needed, sweetie!" I assured her. So let’s call that the #2 way not to remove your false eyelashes.

"Maybe we should just, you know, cut them a little shorter," insisted my friend Emily, who had already had a pre-SATC cosmopolitan and was feeling too confident with my nail scissors. "Just hold still and I’ll fix them!" Um…yeah. That’s the #3 way not to remove your fake lashes.

"OK ladies, let the expert take over," I said. I dipped a cotton swab in water and massaged it over the glue line on Kara’s eyelids. "Let that sit just a moment." And sure enough, just a few minutes later, I was able to gently pull the fake lashes off–no breakage to her real lashes. "You see why it helps to have an expert around?"

And then we went out to see SATC and it was totally worth the wait. True story.

A lot of women never give fake eyelashes a try because, like Kara, they are afraid that they won’t be able to take them off. But don’t let fear keep you from giving falsies a try! They are tons of fun and can be removed with a little water or olive oil.

I read once, in my favorite fashion mag, makeup god Kevin Aucoin said something like, "if you put on too much makeup and need to take it off, then just use a tissue. Some of the best looks are made this way." I agree, and I would add that you should be daring with your makeup–for false lash removal, all you need is a little water.


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