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3 Things I Want You to Know about Eyelash Treatments

If you are looking for eyelash treatments that will make your lashes look fuller and thicker, or give strength to your lashes, guess what? Most products on the market are bound to disappoint–sorry, sweetie.  Many of them contain chemicals that dry out your lashes or irritate the delicate skin around your eyes. The more you try to save money, by buying prescriptions online or at health clubs, or by having your friends try out the chemical treatments on you, the higher your risk for dangerous side effects.

The only eyelash product I recommend to enhance the appearance of lash growth is Dramatic Lash. This product was made without the common chemicals that are crammed into other, less-worthy eyelash products. It’s gentle to use and creates the look of thicker, fuller lashes in just 4-6 weeks. Here are the top 3 reasons I want you to avoid any other kind of lash treatment:

Eye Irritation

Many eyelash products can irritate and inflame the delicate skin around the eyes. These symptoms can include redness, itching, and burning. More severe eye irritation can occur, resulting in hives, rashes, eyelid discharge, discharge from the eyes, pain, and redness and dryness of the eyes. The price of beauty should never be pain, so avoid these products and concentrate on other ways to enhance your natural beauty!

Darkening of the Eyelid

One well-known product has been shown to cause hyper-pigmentation of the skin of the eyelid. In other words, it causes the skin of your eyelid to darken, creating a shadow-like effect. This condition may or may not be reversible after you discontinue use of the lash treatment. On the other hand, it will persist as long as you use the treatment, so to even have a chance of this problem disappearing, you will need to discontinue use immediately. Why risk it, when Dramatic Lash offers the same results without the side effects?

Eye Color Change

Another troubling side effect of one eyelash product is the darkening of the iris of each eye. If you have hazel or blue eyes, some products will turn your baby blues brown! Scan the forums of the Consumer’s Report website, and you’ll see scores of women admitting that this problem began as soon as they started using certain eyelash treatments and did not go away even after discontinuing use. For women who love the natural color of their eyes, this is a potentially serious problem and it can significantly affect your self-esteem. So again, why risk it? Keep your pretty eye color and use Dramatic Lash for a more natural way to enhance your eyelashes!


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