How it Works
Make it Dramatic!

What the ingredients are and how they work to give the customers the results.

What if you could have longer, thicker, noticeably gorgeous looking lashes without using harmful chemicals near your eyes?

DramaticLash gets results without prostaglandin analogues, the drug that is found in many eyelash conditioners including Latisse, RevitaLash, Rapidlash and others. Prostaglandin analogues have been known to cause eye cysts, dark skin around the eyes, permanent eye color changes and other more dangerous problems. Who needs that?

Now you can get the lashes you crave safely, without irritation or side-effects. DramaticLash was developed by a team of scientists to get results. It contains ingredients that are proven to make lashes look lush and beautiful, such as apple polyphenols, rooibos plant extract, copper peptides, nettle root extract and Vitamin B6.

We are so confidant you will see a difference in your batting beauties that we are willing to offer you a100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Simply try a tube, then if you do not feel that DramaticLash has lived up to our claims we will completely refund your money, no questions asked.

We’re not crazy, we’re confident and we want you to trust us when we tell you that DramaticLash works. Long beautiful looking lashes can be yours.

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