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One More Reason Menopause Is a Drag

Check out any online forum devoted to discussing the symptoms of menopause, and I guarantee you will find several posts about eyelash loss. Want to know why? Well, the hormonal circus you undergo during menopause can actually cause eyelash loss! Your hormones get out of whack, you begin losing eyelashes–is there anything to love about …

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Are Costume Lashes Make-Up No No’s?

Is a little bit too much ever…just too much? In other words, are costume lashes make up no no’s?  Well, it just depends on when and how you’re wearing them. If you are working the false lashes for a bit of outré glamour and eyelash enhancement fun, then by all means have at it, darling, …

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Eyelash Dye: Dye-ing to give it a Try?

OK, so maybe your eyelashes aren’t as dark as you’d like, and you’re wondering if there are any products you could use to give the luscious appearance of darker lashes without the drag of having to put on mascara every day. What’s a girl in need of eyelash enhancement to do? Well, fortunately for you, …

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Post #2

This is blog post #2.

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Blog Post #1

This is the first blog post

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