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DramaticLash is committed to providing quality products to our customers. Our philosophy is to inspire women and show them that an active strong woman is a beautiful woman. We are not afraid to lead and set the example by actions an not by our words. Please feel free to check out the events we involve ourselves with so you can see for yourself the strength we want for all our fellow women.

About Cynthia Ferrara

Founder of DramaticLash

Happiness is a choice.

If there is one sentence that describes Cynthia’s outlook on life, that one is it.  It’s not circumstances that create our lives.  It’s the attitudes that we bring with us, and the decisions we choose to make regarding those circumstances.

From age 15 to age 39, Cynthia’s health was wrecked by a disease she didn’t even know she had.  She suffered constant migraines, chronic fatigue, and a host of other symptoms that nearly made life impossible.  Life’s doors seemed closed before life had really even begun.

To make matters worse, no doctors acknowledged her condition–a condition caused by a tickborne illness that was not recognized by the medical community at that time.  The doctors even told her that she was making up her symptoms!

Despite all this, she managed to graduate high school and go on to New York University, where she graduated with a degree in Marketing and International Business.

Attitude of Gratitude

“I realized that happiness is a choice we make for our life, not something that is simply given to us. Before, I had thought of happiness as a right, something we should expect from the outside world.  After my illness, I discovered that happiness is an obligation–something we must strive to find each day regardless of the outer circumstances of our life.”

The “attitude of gratitude” counts for a lot.  If we are grateful for what we have, we can find our happiness in the simplest of things.  Hearing a toddler laugh or watching a bird play in a puddle can bring more joy than honors, awards, and riches if you have the right attitude.  And they are infinitely more sustaining.

Twenty-four years after she became ill, she started getting treatments that helped her condition.  Her illness was finally identified and cleared up–but her attitude did not change.

Be True to Yourself and Encourage Others

With her husband, she spent over 20 years as a real estate developer and architectural designer of up-scale homes in Aspen, CO.  Many of their homes won awards and appeared in several national magazines.

She found her lifestyle freeing and exciting, yet still not fulfilling to her core self.  She had the support of her husband and children to do anything she wanted, and it was just that old social programming that you have to put your dreams and core self on hold if you want to be a good wife and mother.

She was grateful that at least she could think to ask herself this question.  “What if,” she thought, “all women had the support and encouragement to ask themselves the same questions at any age?”

Cynthia took a long hard look at herself and decided her life must go in a new direction with two main, inseparable themes: having her own healthy, harm-free product, and encouraging and being supportive of other people–especially other women.

Enter DramaticLash

It’s a product to make lashes look longer and more beautiful–but without the dangerous chemicals and harmful side effects that other lash beauty products contain.

But it’s not just about the product.  It’s also about creating a community of women that support and encourage each other to live life to the fullest, in the way most meaningful to each individual woman–to live their true self at their core and go all-out for what they want.  In short, to live dramatically. In fact, DramaticLash’s motto is “Make It Dramatic!”

DramaticLash is a lash serum that makes lashes appear longer, thicker, and fuller–without any side-effect-causing toxic chemicals.  Cynthia spent many hours researching how eyelashes grow, why they fall out, and everything else on the topic.

She researched every eyelash product available, and then hired a team of chemists to create a product that was superior in effect as well as completely safe for the user.  In fact, she had a whole list of chemicals that should not go into DramaticLash–chemicals found in most products on the market today.  DramaticLash remains true to that formula to this day.

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